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Among the things I do:

Clean Out with backup is the most common service...
Virus, spyware, bad software, other folks "fixing" your machine -- these things tend to slow down or make machines not work properly much more frequently than real hardware problems. This being the case, a whole lot of issues are solved by bringing your machine by for a clean-out.

It only costs $30, only takes one day -- and you get your computer back faster than new!

A cleanup takes 24 hours, costs $30 and includes:


My name is Paul Sherman.

I first learned programming on a UNIVAC (using FORTRAN) in 1979 and began repairing computers back in the early 90s (486 machines.) Since then I have cleaned/ installed/ repaired several thousand PCs. In recent years I have specialized in system cleaning, diagnostics and data backup/recovery.

The hardware-selling part of the business is not very profitable, and truth be told, if someone is selling you a computer cheaper than a store can, something is likely wrong with it or the software is "hot."

I am thorough, honest, inexpensive, and I make housecalls if you can't get away from your business or you have trouble getting about. My cellphone is (nearly) always with me, so feel free to call and ask questions. You also might want to give me a holler before dropping by with a machine, as I tend to wander out into the woods when the weather is nice...